Homemade butter

Ever since my hubby started making butter using Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master, we’ve stopped eating store-bought butter. Now we’re only buying butter for cooking, but when it comes to spreading our toast, nothing can beat this homemade beauty. Even our 7-year old can taste the difference :)  Plus, we end up with some butter milk (as a by-product) that I usually use to make Bakery-style cheese and bacon rolls. Sometimes there is still a little bit left, so I add it to pancakes dough. It’s amazing! You take one single ingredient (i.e. pure cream) and you end up with so many nice things.


  • 600ml pure cream (chilled)
  • 500ml cold water


  1. My hubby uses the recipe for butter from Bellini recipe booklet that came with the appliance when we bought it. But I guess since he’s made it so many times, I’m sure there are some tips you probably can’t find in the booklet. So let’s see.
  2. Get your Bella ready: fit the blunt blade and butterfly.
  3. Pour the cream in. It is very important that your pure cream is chilled. Don’t take it from the fridge until very last minute. domaci maslac
  4. Set Bella to 12 minutes, speed 3. Now it gets tricky. You need to churn the cream until butter and buttermilk separate. My hubby says that sometimes, although very rarely, this happens after 7-8 minutes. Usually it’s done in about 12 minutes. But sometimes it takes 20-25 minutes. He can’t tell why this is happening. He uses same process every time, same amount of pure cream, it is always chilled, most times it is the same brand of pure cream… it’s a puzzle. So how do you know when it’s finished? Keep an ear on it :) and wait for the splashing sound. You’ll hear this when butter and buttermilk separate. It should look like in the picture below. Now turn Bella off.domaci maslac
  5. Now you have to strain or squeeze :) as much buttermilk from butter as you can. Store buttermilk in the fridge in an airtight container. We always get about 300ml of buttermilk. domaci maslac
    domaci maslac
  6. Return butter to Bella, add water, speed 3, 30 seconds. I think this is to wash off any remaining buttermilk. Apparently, if buttermilk’s left in butter, then butter goes off quicker.
  7. Squeeze butter once more, shape it into a log and enjoy!
  8. Hubby tried to add some oil at this stage (as per original recipe), but he found this step unnecessary (we definitely love it as is). Plus, he found that oily butter sticks onto Bella walls and blade, and it is a big hassle to scrape it (you can’t really get everything off, so it is a waste of your nice butter).
  9. Butter can keep for several weeks in the fridge. We like to keep it at room temperature as it is then always nicely spreadable :) But this way it can go off relatively quickly. So it depends how warm your kitchen is and how fast you can finish whole log :)


Not much to say here. In our house, it is usually seen on some crusty bread, sprinkled with smoked sea salt (totally back to basics :) ).

domaci maslac